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Chatlog to Email Converter RC

May 3, 2009

Please see this post for updated version


Today I’ll be releasing the RC of the Classic Chatlog to Email Converter

For you to use this you must satisfy the following conditions:

  • That chatlogs you want converted must pre-date Messenger Plus 3.0 or whatever version that was released prior to June 2006
  • You must have python installed (preferably the latest stable 2.x version)
  • You must have chardet installed
  • You must install Thunderbird


  • Threading for even faster performance!


  • Automatic uploading to your email account

I actually have a WORKING unicode supported script for HTML chatlogs, however, I’ve yet to get the emoticons/handwriting pics working but you’ll probably see a release some time soon in the future.


  1. Move all your pre-June 2006 messenger plus chatlogs to a folder
  2. Place the script inside the folder
  3. Double click to run the script
  4. A file called “Chatlog” will be created
  5. Move that file to <Path to thunderbird preferences>Profilesxxxxxxxx.defaultMailLocal Folders
  6. Open up Thunderbird and drag drop the chatlogs to an email account that supports imap


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