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Tutorial: Getting Firefox to Remember Password for WebCT

June 5, 2009

One thing that has frustrated me for MANY MANY years is the fact that Firefox does not allow you remember the username/password for WebCT. I cannot express how annoying this is. Opera was able to do it fine why can’t firefox?!

Usually I’m fine with just typing in my password and my relatively weak password to get access to WebCT. But today I really couldn’t be bothered any more. Did a bit of searching on the Internet and realised that it really isn’t Firefox’s fault that it doesn’t remember the password, it’s todo with the way that WebCT is written.

Okay so how do you get Firefox to remember the password?

  1. Press ctrl-b to open up your bookmarks in firefox
  2. Drag and drop this LINK into your bookmarks
  3. Open up the login screen to WebCT
  4. Click on the bookmark you just saved
  5. Type in the your username and password and firefox should give you an option to Remember it!!!

If you want to extend your password manager capabilities take a look at Secure Login

Note: The above method will work for any website that does not want you to remember the password.

Edit 07/06/09:

If you’re annoyed at WebCT logging out after 10 minutes of inactivity you can simply get Firefox to reload the webpage every 5 minutes. It’s not so elegant but I guess it works.


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  1. Aaron permalink

    lol John, you do realise there’s a reason they don’t want you saving the password right?

    All browsers that i’m aware of not only save web passwords in plaintext, but they also have an option in the interface to view saved passwords. So really, you should not be saving the password to anything important.

    In practice, most people don’t really care, but it’s interesting to note that most passwords stolen by trojans are the result of reading them straight out of the browser’s directory rather than intercepting them en-route or by keylogging [citation needed] 😛

    Personally I won’t be employing this hack, but i don’t blame those who will.

    • You have a point but it’s not like WebCT is a bank. At least employ some sort of “Remember me today” feature. I’m so sick of having to relog into WebCT every 10 minutes.

  2. Aaron permalink

    wow, how did wordpress get that picture of me? :O

  3. Aaron permalink

    Well yea, except that your unikey password is valuable not necessarily due to what someone could gain with it, but what u could lose. Someone could unenrol u from uni for example.@John

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