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[Script] Chatlog to Email Converter Plus! RC

June 27, 2009

Today I will be releasing the Release Candidate of my Chatlog to Email Converter Plus!

I added “Plus!” as it is designed for Messenger Plus! chatlogs.

It now supports every form of Messenger chatlogs text or html and also has emoticon support.



  • Remove Thunderbird requirement and support direct upload to specified imap server


I’ve setup a google code project for my script. Yes it’s open source!!!

Download Script

Instructions for use:

  1. Place all your chatlogs inside one folder
  2. Place my script within the same folder (make sure the folder does not contain any files apart from chatlogs or images)
  3. Open up a command window inside that folder
  4. Type “python -p -t” to convert all plain text and html chatlogs to mime format (type python –help for advanced usage)
  5. Once it’s done you shold see a file called “Chatlogs”  move that file to <Path to thunderbird preferences>Profilesxxxxxxxx.defaultMailLocal Folders
  6. Open up Thunderbird and drag drop the chatlogs to an email account that supports imap


If you have any problems either post here or file a bug report on google code.

If you found this useful, drop a comment or send me an email. It makes me happy 🙂

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